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Are Londoners Horrible? (kindness experiment)

Undressing in Public

Greenpeace Flashmop

The Blindfold Test

Open Up

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The London Underground Strike Party

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Who we are

The first ethically-driven viral video agency!


We produce short films that seek to
encourage positive human interaction,
along with films that help tackle
some of biggest issues facing
our planet today.

We like to think of them as positive
adverts for things that truly matter.

Client work

To help fund our original work, we also
produce films for like-minded socially
responsible clients. These range from
ethical businesses, through to charities
and social enterprises.

If you share our passion for change,
then we'd love to hear from you!

What we do

Meet the team!

Hello, here are a bunch of people that were brought together by their shared love for film and their desire to use it as a medium for lasting social change...

Henry Hitchcox

Founder & Exec Producer

Ruth Newton

Head of Production

Brad Brookes

Creative Director

Misha Vertkin


Jessica Sinclair

Art Director

Tom Baker

Director of Photography

Leyla McLennan

Assistant Producer

Octavia McDonald

Assistant Producer


"A brilliant film that demonstrates our common humanity and performs an extraordinarily valuable service; encouraging us to be a bit nicer to one another."

- Alain De Botton


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